Professional Hair Straightener - Highest Quality BellaCo Hair Hot Tools

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Our Professional Hair Straightener will last you lots of hair styling use. This hair straightener heats up fast, with minimum damage to your hair! Our hair straightener is very comfortable in your hands and has the technology to make your hair silky smooth and straight all day! 




Disclaimer: By purchasing this product you agree to use at your own risk and follow our disclaimer. Do not leave your hair straightener on all day or plugged in all day. You agree that BellaCo Hair cannot be held responsible for misuse of the product. (Includes but not limited to: leaving your flat iron plugged in all day, allowing your flat iron to get wet, allowing pets or children to use the flat iron) Keep out of reach for children. Keep in dry place with no moisture. Use safety gloves to avoid burning yourself when using the flat iron. This is not a toy, do NOT let children play with it. This is a hot tool. Do not let pets or children around the flat iron.